Hey, I'm Adriel!

Life is all about growth, and that’s why I firmly believe in continuous learning and improvement. Whether it professionally as a 💻 Principle DevSecOps Engineer and 🔐 Cyber-Security Advocate, as a 🕸 Web3 Engineer and 📈 NFT Trader, or personally as a 👨‍👩‍👦 Dad and Husband I strive to achieve this everyday and share my experiences with others.

I love spending time with my family 👨‍👩‍👦, playing sports with my son 🎾🏀, walking and playing with our two pups 🐶, and spending time outdoors 🏕!

I spend a lot of my social time working on my YouTube channel and sharing content on LinkedIn. Connect with me there!

Adriel Perkins?

I’ve been around computer tech my whole life, and graduated in 2017 much to my wallets dismay. I felt the expensive piece of paper on my wall wasn’t worth a penny. So I dove in head first to learn everything I could and surpass the surface level information college “tried” to teach. At the time, I worked in the FPV Racing Drone industry on the Website creation, and support side. I got to fly some really cool stuff and ended up getting my drone license.
As much as I enjoyed what I did, I didn’t find much fulfillment in it secularly, and some times the headache was over the top. So, I ended up leaving to maintain my sanity and focus on personal development while searching for a career. After some time, I got hired by a company in the Global 2000. I hit the ground running and immediately put my skills to the test.

I’ve accomplished a lot, had some crazy ideas - some failed, some didn’t - grown within the company, and grown personally. For all the effort I’ve put in, I’ve gotten it back in terms of knowledge and understanding. And I’m ready to share it with others so that they can learn and benefit just as I have.

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